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  • Oakley

    Oakley sunglasses are the favorites among sport lovers. It is easy to understand, they are high-tech sunglasses, resistant, made with innovative materials, both in the frame and with lens. The material of the lens is the exclusive and patented organic compound called PLUTONITE, with the highest resistance to the impact. They are the glasses preferred by the American soldiers in areas of conflict.

    But Oakley sunglasses go further. No way. They are also smart and sophisticated. This versatility is one of the secrets of their success, although they have other ones.

    Do you want to discover them? The Oakley glasses range is wide and varied. In our online shop you will find all models. Don’t forget that you can order your prescription sunglasses directly from its laboratory.

  • Ray Ban

    Ray Ban sunglasses are a classic. During decades one of the most admired brands in the world, specially thanks to its most popular models: the Ray Ban Aviator, Ray Ban Wayfarer and Ray Ban Clubmaster.

    A safe bet. All of them made this brand one of the most prestigious in the world. Prestige, on the other hand, well deserved: the Ray Ban glasses take care of every detail; everything is calculated and deeply meditated in their quest for excellence. That is why this firm has millions of followers.

    Can you resist?

  • Persol
  • Arnette

    Initially Arnette sunglasses were the favorites of surfers and practitioners of other sports, but soon became a casual accessory. Its name refers to the creator of the brand, Arnette Gregory, who thought of a youth and innovative product design. This accessory has a lot of models that fits in all kind of faces. Since female teenager factions or larger faces, all have their place in a model of Arnette glasses.

    For some years this brand has opted for polarized sunglasses, including several references in all its models. One of the characteristics of these Arnette polarized sunglasses is its unbeatable value for money. Its polarized lenses are a quality reference in the world of optics.

  • Carrera

    The Carrera sunglasses became a mass phenomenon in recent years; they are a fashion icon for both men and women. Their models combine sportiness and fashion. The catalog of Carrera sunglasses is one of the largest, in models and colors. They are created in 1964 by the Austrian Wilhelm Anger. His birth as a brand was linked to the creation of a material that revolutionized the world of optics since then, Optyl.
    Carrera glasses keep in their collections a retro feel very valued by his followers. Models are reminiscent of the 60s - 70s, these have greater acceptance and commercial success. Being a fashion article why career glasses are so cheap? That is why they are a sport product that has become a fashion brand.

  • Roberto Cavalli
    If anything characterizes Roberto Cavalli is its extreme luxury. Roberto Cavalli sunglasses are the expression of radical luxury without compromise. Most Roberto Cavalli sunglasses incorporate the logo of the firm par excellence, the snake. The snake is part of much of their designs; usually appears in pins, fronts or even a snake skin model is used as background pattern on the frame.

    Apart from the more radical models, it has a sober luxury line that will delight those looking for something without fanfare. Therefore Roberto Cavalli glasses filled a niche in the world of sunglasses that no other brand dares to explore. Roberto Cavalli universe is a special universe that only the most advanced will be tempted to approach.
  • Just Cavalli
    Just Cavalli sunglasses are the youthful line of fashion brand Roberto Cavalli. With a more affordable price these sunglasses are the access step to the luxury brand. With a fresh design, but faithful to the brand icons, Just Cavalli glasses incorporate many of its features. All Cavalli products have a high exclusivity and originality.

    Just Cavalli set trends in the fashion world. So much so that they are always precursors of forms that will trend in the next two seasons. The Just Cavalli designs are copied each season by other brands. For those who want to be in the vanguard of fashion sunglasses, this is their firm.
  • Prada
    Prada means sobriety, elegance and subtlety. Prada sunglasses are a symbol of class and finesse. Its sober design and content make them the perfect complement to the most elegant fashion and refined looks. Unlike other fashion brands, these accessories get stand the test of time over other options that are season products. Prada glasses are not best-seller articles, but it has a loyal clientele.

    Prada is a fashion house founded in 1913, with origins furriers and leather goods, which took a giant step in 1978 with the direction of the granddaughter of the founder. The spirit of Mario Prada founder remains today with the line of sunglasses, each season are the admiration of fans of the brand.
  • Prada Sport
    The Prada Sport sunglasses are the sporty version of the Prada brand. This brand represents a unique concept in sunglasses because it combines sportiness and functionality without sacrificing the elegance and class. Perhaps that is why these accessories are the official eyewear of the America's Cup year after year. Unlike Prada luxury line, the line of eyeglasses Prada Sport has a smaller catalog, more timeless, more continuity comparing with its sister brand Prada.

    The Prada Sport glasses are distinguished from other brands by the red flag on its pins. Without being garish, this logo makes these sunglasses quickly recognizable. Curiously these fashionable glasses incorporate a lot of technical details, such as interior rubber pins or eyebrows that make them ideal for a variety of sports.
  • Dolce & Gabbana
    Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana founded the firm that bears their names in 1985. Surprisingly although this firm is a recent player in the fashion scene, gives the feeling of being one of the most authentic and old brands of international market. Perhaps it is because their products, including Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses, come with the most eclectic designs in terms of innovation and elegance in the world of haute couture.

    The Dolce&Gabbana sunglasses will not disappoint anyone, followers of the latest trends or those looking for a simple and elegant look. Recently, the prestigious fashion house has merged its two product lines in a single one. Old DG sunglasses disappear and become part of Dolce & Gabbana, and yes, you can still find affordable models.
  • Michael Kors
    Todas las gafas Michael Kors con hasta un 40% de descuento. Ultimos modelos 2014. Tenemos un catalogo con mas de 18.000 gafas de sol para que puedas elegir tus gafas de sol.
  • Emporio Armani

    The Armani sunglasses are the more youthful product line of Armani fashion house. Armani eagle plans elegantly on Armani glasses; they are characterized by sobriety and distinction. Moreover such as access line to the brand, they are cheap sunglasses. This fashion house has always been known for its fashion accessories, where its logo has always been synonymous with masculinity and elegance. Although with the passing of time, their female and unisex designs became very popular.

    Emporio Armani sunglasses are in the ranking of the best seller accessories year after year and are a safe bet, since many of their designs are timeless. Unlike other brands, the consumer segment that will run is very broad in terms of age.

  • Ralph Lauren
    Ralph Lauren sunglasses are high-class line of the fashion house created in 1967, in New York by Ralph Lifshitz. Here we have the most luxurious creations of this firm. These sunglasses please the European consumers as much as the Americans. Very few brands have the capacity to success in both markets.

    The Ralph Lauren glasses are simple and elegant, for people who appreciate simple but quality designs, without stridency. These shapes let go unnoticed. Many of the creations of this brand have a certain retro air which makes them timeless. They also incorporate several references to its modeling of polarized sunglasses, something quite unusual for a fashion product.
  • Ralph by Ralph Lauren
    Ralph sunglasses are the most economical line of Ralph Lauren. There are sunglasses with simple design that seek to be a product without complications, for daily and intensive use. Have the same quality standards of protection as their luxury counterparts, but with finishes and materials less sumptuous and sophisticated.

    The Ralph glasses are the step access to New York's world of Ralph Lauren. This catalog is usually smaller than top lines, but with enough references to cover all needs. This brand is the best seller youth fashion line.
  • Polo by Ralph Lauren
    Perhaps Polo sunglasses are the most balanced product from Ralph Lauren firm. You can buy them at an average price with a quality and finishes very close to the luxury line. The brand segmentation policy followed by this fashion house gives access to these accessories for different segments of buyers.

    The sales of Polo glasses are the largest of the three lines that Ralph Lauren offers in sunglasses.
  • Tous
    The Tous sunglasses are relatively new in the market for sunglasses. They have been positioned in the middle price segment but with an excellent product quality. The catalog is quite extensive having models that exhibit the logo brand, the famous bear. Others are more discreet and less flashy. Tous glasses cover all the sensibilities of faithful people to this fashion house.

    Tous had an origin of watchmaking workshop in 1920, which evolved jewelry. In the 80s were reinvented as a fashion house that sold affordable luxury. The Tous glasses are synonymous with quality, elegance and passion for detail.
  • Police
    Police sunglasses are one of the divisions of the Police multinational fashion accessories. They nowadays famous lines of watches and accessories; have been increased by sunglasses. Like other fashion brands products are promoted by different celebrities, some of them: David Beckham, David Bustamante and more recently Neymar.

    The Police glasses, in general, are sober and maintain retro classicism designs. They are timeless models aimed mainly at male audiences, who seeking a distinctive accessory. It is one of the few firms that have a wide range of metal models.
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs
  • Carolina Herrera
    The Venezuelan designer Carolina Herrera surprises us every season with different sober and elegant designs in sunglasses, much along the lines of their clothing collections. The Carolina Herrera sunglasses are a fashion accessory that quickly managed to earn a place within the optical sector. His first collection was a great success among the public and became a bestseller.

    CH sunglasses are the second line of this fashion brand. It is certainly one of the emerging brands with more projection of the current scene.
  • Carolina Herrera New York
  • Vogue

    Vogue sunglasses are a good example of economic fashion. It is Eyewear according to the latest trends, publicized by the top models of the moment. Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima have been and are branding this fashion firm. It is no necessary to spend too much money to wear what catwalk models use. Vogue glasses are cheap sunglasses that are available to any pocket.

    Vogue catalogs are widespread in models and colors; its hallmark is always incorporates some models with rhinestones. The collection is wide enough to cover the whole range of ages, from youth to more senior models. These accessories enjoy great media coverage that it makes them a best seller year after year.

  • Adidas

    Adidas sunglasses are an example of technology for sport. The Austrian firm has several flagship models that are leaders in various sports activities. The Tycane PRO Outdoor specialized in the mountains and skiing; the Halfrim Evil Eye in biking and the Adivista and Adizero in running. Other advantages of Adidas glasses are permanent stock of spare parts compared to other manufacturers that in two years stop serving pieces.

    Certainly these items have not the most attractive design but have more functionality and more technologically load. Moreover, their pins and nasal adjustable system that allows a perfect fit on most facial types. These sunglasses have great media presence in professional cycling, both road and mountain biking.

  • Nike
    The American company has an eyewear division oriented to sports and urban fashion. Nike sunglasses are designed for various sports use (baseball, golf, tennis, running, skateboarding, biking, snow or multi-sport) but there are several models for urban use. Especially appreciated are its Max Optics sunglasses, with almost no frontal and peripheral distortion, thus allowing a great visual precision. These sunglasses have 100% protection against ultraviolet rays, they exhibit high impact resistance and have a hydrophobic treatment makes their lenses repel water.

    The most appreciated Nike glasses are and their famous transitiosns and polarized lenses. Transitions are the Nike photochromic lenses.
  • Smith Optics

    The Smith sunglasses are largely unknown in Spain, but not in their home country USA. They are sport sunglasses with a medium low price but with high quality materials and functionality. The lenses used in many models are based in an ingenious system that includes mineral glass layers called Techlite combined with polycarbonate layers. This allows the Smith glasses to preserve color perception and provide optical clarity, also optical precision in all environments.

    Smith glasses are world renowned for the high impact resistance of the polycarbonates. In fact the military division of Smith Optics equipped to different military units for the quality and strength of their lenses.

  • Oxydo
    The Oxydo sunglasses brand is property of one of the main manufacturers of glasses in the world; this means that its own brand is especially care; that is why it is not subject of royalties. This makes them a product of a great value. This brand also has a great variety in their designs, from bold and innovative looks to simple and timeless glasses.

    Regularly Oxydo glasses have special collections designed by famous designers. Some of them like Felix Bauer and his monochrome line that had global impact all around the world. It is also very famous the collection designed by Sigrid Calon, renowned Dutch designer and illustrator.
  • Calvin Klein

    The American multinational fashion firm par excellence has two lines of sunglasses. Calvin Klein sunglasses belong to the highest range. This brand is poorly represented in Europe, and especially in Spain, that is why of its distinctive design: accessories that are characterized for its minimalist and simplicity.

    Calvin Klein glasses are the favorite among New Yorkers that is why the firm was born in the Big Apple in 1968. The brand incorporates all seasons a big number of metallic frame retro models.

  • Calvin Klein Jeans

    Calvin Klein Jeans sunglasses are the second Calvin Klein brand. They are simple and youthful models, but with a great quality in the finishes. This fashion house bets for tradition and elegance in these accessories. They are best-sellers in the US, while in Europe their successes are limited, since in this continent prevail sophisticated designs.

    Calvin Klein Jeans glasses are aimed at an audience looking for items with some hearth and retro shapes. The firm has always been characterized by an excellent relationship between price and quality.

  • Dirty Dog
    The Dirty Dog sunglasses are manufactured in New Zealand, built with higher standards than European and American standards. They have a remarkable combination of design, top quality materials and ergonomics engineering that make them pioneers in design and technological innovation. The aesthetic of these is based on the adjustment, comfort, lightness and functionality in response to the requirements of different sports.

    Dirty Dog glasses have lenses that have four UV filters for optimum filtering of ultraviolet rays. Also they have two coatings hardness to give an optimal scratch resistance and impact. In the catalog of Dirty Dog we can find specific models for the practice of water sports like windsurfing, kite surfing and others.
  • Versace

    The Versace sunglasses passed through different creative stages in their designs, from innovative avant-garde, through alternative modeling; until today, when they have become sunglasses oriented to senior female audience.

    Versace glasses are characterized by their flashy jellyfish logo, often oversized, making them distinguishable quickly. Versace has quality finishes and gives elegance to all its products.

  • DKNY - Donna Karan New York
    DKNY is the acronym of Donna Karan New York. The DKNY sunglasses give a youthful, urban and dynamic look to anyone who wears. The most important value of these accessories are their practicality and comfort. They are models simple and easy to put, and especially liked among young people. They have very affordable prices.

    DKNY sunglasses do not have a very large catalog, but it is sufficient to meet the dynamic and cool public to whom they are addressed. These sunglasses are the access point to the firm.
  • Vuarnet
    This iconic French brand created by Jean Vuarnet, famous skier in the 60s, is synonymous with quality. Vuarnet sunglasses in most of its modeling use mineral lenses, the lenses known as SKILYNX are the favorite of mountain and snow athletes. They are also highly valued by people with photophobic problems.

    Vuarnet glasses are characterized by specific lenses for different outdoor activities. Some of its best known and appreciated lenses are: PX5000 specific lenses for use in deserts, urban citilynx glasses or PX1000 and SX1000 polarized lenses for nautical use. You also have the option of asking for prescription sunglasses from Vuarnet factory.
  • Polaroid
    Polaroid sunglasses are the revelation of the past two years. An unbeatable value for money in polarized sunglasses, fashion designs ranging from classic to mirrored colorful proposals. Polaroid took advantage of the advertising investment by more known brands in recent years. Polaroid attracts attention on these models due its low prices.

    Previously Polaroid was the manufacturer of polarized lenses for other brands, but aware of the rise of polarized glasses, decided to make its own product line. Polaroid glasses are made by the most specialized company in this type of product.